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Delivery Policy

Upon receipt of your order, our system will begin the process of building your website based on the selections made during registration. One of our project managers will be in contact with you within the next 48 hours after your initial payment.

You will be given notifications of the start of the build process and an estimated time for completion. You will also be sent confirmation emails of your registration. Delivery is considered complete when the website has been built and you are able to access the administration area using the credentials you selected.

Email notification is not required for delivery to be considered complete, however, we will notify you by email of the completion of your website build process. The addition of content to your website is not required for it to be considered to be delivered. All details about the project will be discussed and mentioned in the agreement which will be signed by both parties.

Your website will be accessible via a domain chosen by you at the time of registration. We accept no liability for your unauthorized use of a domain name. If you purchase a domain name during the registration process, then your name will be used as the registrant and therefore owner of this domain name. Delivery of the website is not conditional on this domain name resolving to your website. You will still be able to access the website via the supplied or selected subdomai

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